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Established in 1999, UKEC is a free advisory and support service for international students, who wish to pursue higher education in the UK.

Decades of experience and knowledge of the international student recruitment market, makes UKEC the go-to advisory service provider, for many learners across the world.

Proudly operating across six of the world’s fastest-growing economies; China, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South-East Asia and the United Kingdom, our network of education institutes, students and alumni continues to expand.

Our growth enables us to offer a unique service to each of our learners and establish further partnerships with prestigious universities and colleges and schools in the UK and internationally.

UKEC has grown to be one of its kind within the international student recruitment space and are partnered with over 120 public universities in the UK, and places approximately 3,000k+ students each academic year from around the world.

UKEC are one of the largest localised education agencies in the UK and has accreditation from UCAS, OISC, UKCISA, British Council and VFS as a global strategic partner.

UKEC prides itself on its approach to supporting students into their chosen career path and guiding them into meaningful education journeys at some of the best education institutions in the United Kingdom.

International Student Services

Since our inception in 1999, we have forged strong and trustworthy partnerships with some of the most highly respected higher education institutions in the UK.

During this time, our community of international students has grown exponentially to enable us to offer an unrivalled service to ambitious individuals who wish to study in the UK including:

In-depth knowledge and expertise of international student recruitment
Over 120 successful university and higher education partnerships in the UK
Highly trusted source of guidance and support
Deep understanding of the various levels of support needed including educational, personal and professional
Ongoing support and guidance beyond graduation

How it Works

You are invited to discuss your career options with one of our dedicated education consultants
We ensure you are prepared for your application and have all the necessary documents ready
Please note! If you need pre-sessional English, we will guide you to the right course before your degree starts
We assist you with filling in all the documents you need to apply to a UK university. All we need from you is all your correct information and we take it from there!
Our certified visa advisors will assist you in applying for your UK visa
We assist you with finding a home in the UK for the duration of your studies
Career Advice & Support
While in the UK, you have access to ongoing career advice and support
Networking & Events
UKEC are proud to host many events throughout the year for UKEC students and alumni

Our People

Our people at UKEC are highly trained counsellors with a wealth of experience. Many themselves are graduates from UK universities and are keen to assist other students into UK education.

With in-house training, regular updates on the international student recruitment space and closely working with student recruitment officers from over 120 universities, our people are what makes us a success!

Each employee is nurtured into a meaningful career at UKEC and specialise in the areas of student finance, visas, accommodation, career support and much more!

Our people are our success

"I love working at UKEC. Having the opportunity to support students from all over the world into the UK, and into their chose universities gives me immense job satisfaction."

"Mostly, I enjoy watching them learn, grow and succeed into meaningful careers and I am always proud of what I see them achieve."

Linh Dao
Senior Recruitment Manager


Global Presence


We are proud of our accreditations, which ensure we conform to the assessment bodies of recognised standards in the UK.

Our accreditations officially recognise the status of United Kingdom Education Centre as being qualified to perform services for international students.

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) was established by the Department of Education in 1993.
This unified admissions institution processes applications for all UK universities from both British and international students.
UCAS is responsible for monitoring all public universities and colleges in the UK, as well as professional student admissions agencies such as UKEC. 
ITI is the only UK-based independent professional membership association for practising translators, interpreters and language service providers. (ITI, 2022)
All employees on the UKEC Visa Service Team are certified by the Institute for Translation and Interpreting (ITI).
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulates immigration advisers; ensuring they are fit, competent and act in their clients' best interests.
(OISC, 2022)

Affiliate Services

Student Accommodation Booking Service 

Originally founded in 2014 as UKEC Accommodation Department, the vision was to grow and create a wider service and offering to international students.

In 2015, we rebranded as Stu Living to offer our services to the wider student community.

Since then, we have collaborated with major student accommodation providers and various student letting services across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

Stuliving is now considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable student accommodation services in the UK!

Visa Application Services
All our counsellors are trained to the standards of our parent company Xinglung Group.
Xinglung group provide expert immigration advice and representation to businesses and individuals across the world.
All of our specialists are all OISC regulated immigration advisors, who are experienced and multilingual (English, Mandarin and Cantonese).
We understand the importance for international students to obtain the right visa to study in the UK.
The Xinlung Visa service helps you to do this!
Elite Scheme
Elite Scheme (ES) is a specialist UK Boarding and Day School education service provider.
Exclusively for children aged three - to young adults aged eighteen; ES is a highly-trusted source for parents and guardians to find the right British boarding school for their families.
With an extensive network of British Schools and professional global consultants, ES connects you to the right school of choice, based on long-standing knowledge and experience within the UK Education system.
From pre-school to undergraduate, our dedicated service values the independent, UK boarding school tradition and heritage of nurturing self-development and academic excellence.

Our Partner Universities

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